As our name implies, ASAP Tree Service is a full-service pruning, tree removal, and cutting company that comes to your property. Our tree service features a number of certified arborists who can help you with any projects you may have related to the trees that you have on your residential or commercial property. ASAP Tree Service is well aware that the idea of tree care can be a difficult project to consider for the average home or business owner on a tight budget. Making the decision to hire someone to care for your trees or choosing the right specialists can be daunting. However, you can trust our licensed and insured tree care and landscaping company to offer professional, cost-efficient services at a competitive price.

Tree Trimming


ASAP Tree Service team can help you enhance these scenic views from your own property. With years of service, our team of professionals has over 23 years of knowledge and experience that can make sure a tree is properly trimmed, understanding what each tree needs and pruning them accordingly. Thinning, windowing, and skirting are all tree trimming techniques that our professionals at ASAP Tree Service can use to prune your trees, and enhance your views. So call on us for your next tree trimming service in Encinitas, CA, and all surrounding areas. 

Emergency Tree Service

We offer a 24 Hour crew on staff to assist any one with unexpected tree problems. Trees that fall on your home, shed, fence, sidewalk, driveway, roof, property, or automobile we can help. Emergency tree services are needed when strong winds, freezes, or storms come about and an urgent tree service is essential. An immediate response 24/7 is here for you!

Stump Grinding

It’s vital to get your tree stump removed from your yard before pests like ants, termites, and beetles make it their new home. We have all the professional tools and equipment to ensure a professional quality job. For the safety of all your other trees and foliage, get your tree stump removed by the professionals at ASAP Tree Service by calling us today in Rancho Bernardo, CA, and the encircling areas.

Tree Stump Removal

Not all tree service providers in Escondido, CA are created equal. With our experience, dedication to leaving your property looking remarkable, and passion for customer service, we provide the stump grinding services that so many in the area don’t have the equipment or knowledge to offer. Our team’s investment in state-of-the-art equipment and thorough education gives us the ability to do work that others cannot.

Tree Removal

Removing hazardous trees from a lot of home development is a dangerous job. Our team is made up of licensed, dedicated, and insured professionals with the experience and drive to completely satisfy each customer. If our job does not meet your standards, let us know and we will work our hardest to make it right.

Hire our team to save money and time on your next tree removal service. We have all the proper equipment and methods needed to safely and properly remove any tree on your property, so contact us today for a free tree removal evaluation in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, and encompassing towns.

Crown Reduction

Our arborists can help teach you how reducing it’s crown removes branches from the most outer region, reducing the size while keeping its thickness. For your next tree crown reduction service, call our experts today at ASAP Tree Service in Solana Beach, CA, and all neighboring towns.

Tree Shaping

Properly shaping your tree can increase your property’s value and boost your curb appeal. So if you’re looking to clean up your yar’s image through your trees, call our team today to set up your next tree shaping service in Escondido, CA, and all nearby towns.

Tree Pruning

The removal of dying, dead, or diseases branches on your tree can help eliminate the further spread of disease or decay. Our specialists can come out and access your tree and decide what is best for it and your budget, so contact us today for your next tree pruning service in Carmel Mountain, CA, and encompassing cities.


Our arborists are specialized in tree lacing, which is a special method of pruning that allows air and light through the crown and canopy of the tree. For the best local tree lacing services in Rancho Peñasquitos, CA, and nearby areas, give us a call today for your free evaluation.

Tree Estimates

Through proper training, the use of our specialized equipment, and our insured arborists, we are able to come out and evaluate your tree service in a prompt manner while still offering competitive prices. Call us today to set up your next tree service and estimate in Fallbrook, CA, and the surrounding counties.

Tree Thinning

By maintaining your tree through professional trimming, our experts can ensure that your tree will continue to stay healthy. Thinning can also reduce the potential fire hazard that comes with overgrown and damaged trees. For the future professional tree thinning services, call our experts at ASAP Tree Service today, in Tierrasanta, CA, and the greater San Diego area.


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